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Looking for growth, looking after people

Freightways is an ambitious organisation. Always has been. The drive to do right by ourselves and others influences not just how we value everyone who works here, but how we think about our customers, our investors, our communities and the environment.

Everything we do is about moving you to a better place.

We do that through attracting people to work in our teams who share our ethos and who will thrive in our dynamic environments. We deliver that for our customers through our focus on bringing reliability, efficiency and added value to how we pick-up, process and deliver. We look to remunerate our investors for their belief in us through continuing to grow and by achieving appropriate and sustainable returns. We do that within communities through our sponsorships and support and by employing or contracting local people.

What we do

Our Pick Up, Process, Deliver approach extends across four key areas of business:

  1. Express Package and Business Mail – our multi-brand strategy in the Australian and New Zealand markets covers courier, air and road linehaul and includes new initiatives in oversize/+25kg carriage.
  2. Waste Renewal – Shred-X offers document destruction, eDestruction and product destruction services. Med-X solves medical waste collection and processing issues.
  3. Information Management – our TIMG businesses in New Zealand and Australia help businesses protect and add value to their data. Our storage facilities are also leased out for 3PL and other uses.
  4. Temperature Controlled – we offer temperature-controlled transport, 3PL and delivery through our Big Chill network and through pioneering products like ProducePronto

Supporting all key business activities is our portfolio of internal service providers that keep our operation independent, efficient and customer focussed – Freightways Information Services (FIS) our technology partner, Parceline our linehaul national network and Fieldair Holdings our national air network.

How we work

Our teams and our partners are united by three deeply-held beliefs:

  • Everyone takes ownership – we ask everyone who works with us to take responsibility for what we do and what we can improve.
  • We think commercially – the deals we make must make sense for our customers, our contractors, our business and our shareholders.
  • We work as a family – we support our people knowing that, by doing so, they will support us. We prioritise safety and wellbeing by doing everything we can to ensure each person gets home safely each day.

Our strengths

We back ourselves to grow because we actively develop our capabilities to deliver what our customers, investors and communities expect.

  • We strive for efficiency – we find the best ways to move millions of items through our various businesses and networks.
  • We deliver reliably – we focus on flawlessly executing Pick Up, Process and Delivery to shift multiple items through multiple touchpoints in our network, across two nations, every day.
  • We love our customers – we deeply value our customers, both internal and external, as crucial to our commercial survival.
  • We act like entrepreneurs – we ask each person to recognise and execute on high-value opportunities. As a Group, we always look forward and up.

Our horizon-focused growth strategy

Our “three horizons” approach leverages how we work and our collective strengths to achieve sustained growth. It applies to all four of our key areas of activity: Express Package & Business Mail; Temperature Controlled Logistics; Information Management; and Waste Renewal.

We see it as an attractive and viable way to identify complementary markets that are under-served, where we already have proven capability and that generally require less capital to enter because we can leverage existing assets and know-how.

First horizon

These services form the backbone of our business. They also form the infrastructure and national network capability for our second horizon opportunities. Our goal with these streams is to extend and defend our current activities. They include: business-to-business (B2B) deliveries, temperature-controlled transport, archive storage and document destruction.

Second horizon

These revenue streams build on our first horizon capabilities and typically have faster growth prospects. Our goal is to nurture and grow these services. They include business-to-consumer (B2C) deliveries, temperature-controlled 3PL, digitisation and medical waste.

Third horizon

These opportunities involve our innovation hub The Startery and focus on identifying and bringing to market emerging niches that have the potential to deliver tangible long-term revenue streams. Our goal is to generate, test and realise genuinely new opportunities. So far, our investment in our third horizon has enabled us to identify opportunities in the areas of oversize express courier, same day temperature-controlled deliveries, high-value recycling and eCommerce 3PL.

Targeting decarbonisation

We are very aware that our current core business is reliant on transportation powered by fossil fuels to service our customers. Much of our footprint sits in our supply chain, namely the contractors we partner with.

We have a clear plan to become a less emissions-intensive organisation. Our 2030 target of 33,170 tonnes CO2e (35% reduction) and our 2035 target of 25,313 tonne CO2e (50% reduction) are both science-based, aligning with what society needs to achieve globally to keep global warming to between 1.5°C and 2°C.

We are actively engaging with our contractors and other suppliers to reduce our collective emissions across our supply chain. For example, our procurement decisions are influenced by whether they will help us decarbonise our supply chain.

Our New Zealand based businesses are TOITŪ carbonreduce certified and audited.
We also disclose our footprint and targets in our Annual and Sustainability Reports.

Proudly supporting KidsCan

Freightways shares KidsCan’s philosophy around caring for our communities – especially supporting the 1 in 6 children living in hardship. We believe education offers kids a path to a better future – and we’re proud to be helping KidsCan provide children with the essentials so they can learn. With these basics – healthy food, raincoats, shoes, socks and health items – they have a chance to flourish and reach their full potential.