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Sustainable Business Practices and Science Based Targets (Reducing Freightways’ Carbon Footprint)


At Freightways, we recognise that sustainable business practices are fundamental to our future. We strive to minimise the environmental impact of our daily business operations and actively seek and embrace initiatives that protect the environment.

Freightways recognises that its core business is reliant on transportation to service its customers and is therefore an emissions-intensive organisation. Our New Zealand based businesses are TOITŪ carbonreduce certified and audited.

Throughout its operations, Freightways strives to be an environmentally-responsible organisation and as an industry leader, we are determined to play our part in protecting the environment.

Guiding Principles

  • We recognise that protecting the environment today is essential to creating a sustainable business future.
  • Environmental responsibility is a key component in the overall brand positioning strategies of Freightways’ businesses.
  • We actively seek to minimise the environmental impact of Freightways activities.
  • We work in partnership with stakeholders to promote good environmental practice.
  • We comply with relevant environmental legislation.
  • We are a TOITŪ carbonreduce certified and audited organisation. Our greenhouse gas emissions are measured in accordance with ISO 14064-1 and we are committed to managing and reducing our emissions.
  • Efficiencies driven from our core business model enable our services to be delivered with as low an environmental impact as possible.
  • A conversion to alternative fuel vehicles in our road fleet over time.
  • We regularly review our operational activities, systems and training to ensure our business practices are aligned with the above principles.

As certified participants in TOITŪ’s carbonreduce programme, our footprint is disclosed annually on the TOITŪ website. We also disclose our footprint and targets in our Annual and Sustainability Reports.