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Dividends FAQ’s

What is the Company’s dividend policy?

You can read the Dividend Policy here.

Do the dividends carry any imputation or other tax credits?

Yes. Dividends on Freightways shares are fully imputed; i.e. dividends have imputation credits attached at the corporate income tax rate, or when applicable, a blended rate which takes into account the current corporate income tax rate and carried forward imputation credits at the previous corporate income tax rate.

When are dividends paid?

Usually twice a year, in April and October. They are paid to shareholders on the share register as at the dividend record date (usually mid March and mid September).

How are dividends paid?

In New Zealand payments may be made either by cheque or direct credit. Computershare can provide a consolidated Dividend and Interest Notice showing all dividend and interest paid during the tax year by companies for which they act. This statement is available soon after April 1st each year by contacting Computershare or phoning Computershare on 09 488 8777 and giving your full name and shareholder number.

Does Freightways have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

Yes. Participation in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (the Plan) is optional and is open to all Shareholders except:

  • where Freightways elects not to offer participation under the Plan to Shareholders whose address is outside New Zealand or Australia if Freightways considers that to do so would risk breaching the laws of places outside New Zealand or Australia or if it would be unreasonable having regard to the associated costs of ensuring that the laws of those places are complied with; and
  • to the extent Freightways has a lien or charge over the shares of a Shareholder in accordance with Freightways’ Constitution or other requirement of law.

The Board of Freightways Limited will determine whether the Plan will be offered for each future dividend and whether shares issued under the Plan will be issued at a discount at the time future dividend payments are determined.

How do I have my dividends credited to my bank account?

If you currently receive dividends by way of cheque, and wish to receive dividends direct to your bank account, you should advise Computershare of your bank account or a change of account, by writing to them (mail or fax) giving the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Shareholder Number (from a Shareholding Statement or Payment Advice)
  • Bank Account details (Bank, Branch, Account and Suffix)

For extra certainty you should include a bank deposit slip with your letter. Please note, all named shareholders must sign your instruction. You will still receive via mail a Remittance Advice giving you details of the payment made.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Freightways dividends?

If you have any questions about your shareholding or about dividends, you should contact the share registry.