About Freightways

As our name suggests, we owe our success history to one of New Zealand’s most competitive industries. Not for the faint hearted, the freight industry has honed our ability to adapt and compete directly, and has forged an entrepreneurial spirit that has been part of the way Freightways has done business since the beginning.

These days, we’ve taken that same spirit into other business verticals that share a commonality, where we see an opportunity for growth and a need for solid, good business practice.

  • What We do

    The Freightways family of brands splits into four core capability portfolios, Express Package, Business Mail, Information Management and Internal Service Providers.

    What we do
  • Corporate Governance

    Freightways governance processes follow the principles set out in the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) Corporate Governance Best Practise Code.

    Corporate Governance
  • Board of Directors

    A highly skilled collective of practised business people, with a history of varied roles in leadership and corporate governance across New Zealand’s top 50 listed companies and organisations. Meet our Chair Susan Sheldon and board members Abby Foote, Kim, Ellis Mark Rushworth, Mark Verbiest and Peter Keen.

    Board of Directors
  • Our Leadership

    The Freightways Senior Executives make up a team of highly experienced business practitioners. They have deep capability across various disciplines with commitment to the standards of corporate governance and ethical behaviour laid down by the NZX.

    Our Leadership
  • News

    A collation of press releases and latest events including announcements from the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).

  • Careers

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