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Visitor Health and Safety Requirements

Welcome to Freightways.

Please comply with the following information which is intended to ensure your safety whilst on site:

  • When entering the building, you will be asked to sign the visitor’s book. Please ensure you sign-out when you leave.
  • You will be issued with a high visibility vest and required to wear this in operational areas.
  • All visitors must be accompanied by a member of our staff at all times whilst on the premises.
  • Do not enter any restricted area or touch the controls of any machinery or operational equipment unless authorised by your host.
  • Please note any specific safety requirements displayed and act appropriately.
  • Please wear any clothing and equipment issued for your safety while in specified areas of the premises.
  • Your host/reception will advise you of the emergency procedures for this site.
  • The emergency signal is the continuous warbling of the sirens and this indicates an available fire exit, which are sign posted.
  • You must remain with your host, or follow our employees and exit as quickly and calmly as possible and await any instructions to the assembly point.
  • Do not return for your documents or personal possessions. You must not re-enter the building until you are instructed that it is safe to do so.
  • If you discover a fire or an emergency, witness an accident please summon help.
    Do not take personal risks.
  • There are First Aid trained personnel and staff trained for emergencies on site.
  • Contractors must ensure that they are fully conversant with the site safety rules and regulations. Some contractors will be required to sign off a permit to work before any work commences.
  • If you have any questions relating to any of the above points please ask your host.

Freightways takes Health & Safety seriously. Please comply with all instructions whilst on site to ensure the Health & Safety of all visitors, staff and contractors is not compromised.

Thank You.