Freightways launches ‘Pass The Parcel’ for Trade Me Members

New Zealand express package leader Freightways Limited has launched a new service to cater specifically for customers buying and selling on Trade Me, the country’s largest trading website.

‘Pass the Parcel’ has been created to provide a solution for Trade Me members when it comes to organising the delivery of items that are sold through Trade Me. Post Haste Limited is the Freightways courier business that will manage this new service.

According to Freightways Managing Director Dean Bracewell, the need for ‘Pass the Parcel’ stems from the high number of deliveries Trade Me generates and the unique requirements of the Trade Me customer base. More than 250,000 items are bought and sold through Trade Me each week.

“As a rule courier companies have historically been focused primarily on business customers and it is not always easy for Trade Me customers to send their items by courier, so many join a queue at their local post shop,” he says. “Pricing and service information can also be difficult to access for casual customers.”

“With ‘Pass the Parcel’ we are able to pick up items from many homes or workplaces throughout New Zealand and Trade Me customers can access our user-friendly website to obtain a quote online, pay online, order packaging online, book a pick-up online and track and trace their item online. They can also use our website to access general information in an easy format such as delivery standard information, or if they wish, they can speak to a dedicated service representative on 0800 727 784.”

“Freightways is proud to be associated with Trade Me. Post Haste has worked closely with Trade Me’s team in the development of this service. We look forward to helping make the online buying and selling experience for Trade Me members even more satisfying with our ‘Pass the Parcel’ service,” he says.

Trade Me Chief Executive Jon Macdonald applauded Post Haste’s efforts to develop a solution for Trade Me customers. “Post Haste’s willingness to custom design a simple and easy to use online process was a key part of our decision to work with them.”

‘Pass the Parcel’ can be accessed at or

For further information contact:

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